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                                                       What Is Gem Portal

The Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is a government e-commerce portal. It acts as a one stop shop to facilitate and enable easy online procurement of the consumer goods & services that are needed by various government sectors. The main objective of the GeM is to ensure transparency, effectiveness and promptness in the procurement of supplies. GeM is a portal where the buyers and sellers can register their products either through direct purchase or auction.

  • Through this portal the buyer can search, compare and then select the one. He can use filters by adding the specifications, quantities and other details of the required product. The sellers can list their products according to the requirement of the government. The sellers can also do bidding regarding the products through this portal.

  • GeM is a completely secure platform and all the documents on GeM are e-signed at various stages by the buyers and sellers.

                        Advantages Of GeM (Government E-Marketplace)

  • GEM registration helps to authorize the manufacturer, small dealers and service providers to enter the wide and interactive online platform, where they can directly sell their products & services to various buyers from the government departments, organizations and PSUs.

  • It enables the authorized governments to buy the goods and services directly from the private traders and manufacturers instantly and hassle-free.

  • Access to National Public Procurement market

  • Special advantage for startups, MSMEs and Emporium products

  • Fully online, paperless and contactless platform

  • Easy access to participate in the bids / reverse auction. A Seller friendly dashboard for monitoring supplies & payments
    Dynamic Pricing-Price can be changed based on market conditions Direct access to 45000+ Government departments and their organizations and PSU.


  • Good catalogue of products.

  • It helps buyer to explore, compare and then select the product.

  • To buy products online anytime.

  • Makes transparent and comfort of purchasing.

  • Customer friendly dashboard for purchasing and observing supplies and payments.

  • Helps to direct reach out to all government divisions.
  • It provides a shop for advertising with minimal efforts and auction on products or services.
  • It helps to change the process as per the market conditions.
  • Seller friendly dashboard for selling and monitoring of supplies and payments.
  • Provide identical procedures of buying
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